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Horizontal Fill-Seal Machine for Stand Up Pouch & Doy Pack

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Horizontal Fill-Seal Machine for Stand Up Pouch & Doy Pack


Flexible and reliable, AP-1BT, a fully automatic fill-seal machine, provide a wide variety of packaging options in one base machine. As well as, it suitable for many pre-made pouch packaging, such as Stand Up Pouches, Flat Pouch, Doy Pack, Zipper bag, middle spout bag, side spout bag, etc…

1. Complete manufacture in stainless steel for food industry
2. Advanced PLC control system combined with 5.7″ Colorful touch screen control panel, Can easily set and change packing parameters, Display production data and self-diagnostic machine error can be viewed directly from the screen.
3. 20 sets of programs
4. Fully pneumatic operating system, easy operation and maintenance
5. Integration in existing packaging line
Working Principle:
1. Bag Picking-up
2. Positioning Bag to the filling station
3. Open Bag
4. Product Filling(filling device is an option)
5. Bag Sealing
6 Bag Outfeed
Optional Dosing Device:
1. Auger screw Filler (for powder)
2. Volumetric Cup Filler or Multi heads weigher (for granule)
3. Electrical Gear Pump (for liquid)
4. Piston Pump (for liquid or cream)

Model No. AP-1BT AP-1BTIIZ
Bag Type Standup-Pouches, Flat Pouches Zipper bag
Bag Width 100-250 mm 100-250 mm
Bag Length 150-330 mm 150-330 mm
Fill Weight Max. 2000 g Max. 2000 g
Power Supply 220V/50Hz, 1 ph 220V/50Hz, 1 ph
Power 2 kw 2 kw
Air Consumption 300 liter/min 300 liter/min
Capacity 8-15 bags/min 6-12 bags/min
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2185x740x1560 mm 2500x740x1560 mm

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