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Rotary Filling and Sealing Machine for Premade Pouches

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Rotary Filling and Sealing Machine for Premade Pouches


These 8 station rotary bagging machines are ideal for a wide variety of pre-made pouch packaging with second filling and cold sealing functions. Designed for powder, granule, liquid, paste and etc. can full-fill most of customer requirements with effective and efficiency.
Powder: Wheat flour, soup – 
(By use auger System)
Granule: Sugar, Seasoning – 
(By use Volumetric Measure or Scale)
Liquid: Detergent,Shampoo, Rinse, Drinks – 
(By piston pump or rotary Pump)
Paste: Retort food- 
(By spiral pump or rotary Pump)

Standard Feature:
1. Intermittent rotary machine with 8 Stations is designed for handling Pre-made pouches such as Flat and Stand-up Pouches (with/without Zip)
2. Operating and adjusting via TOUCH SCREEN.
3. Fault indication on the TOUCH SCREEN.
4. Hygienic Construction and Easy cleaning.
5. High quality and long life of all machine part.
6. Integration of various filler, such as Auger filler weighting machine, volumetric doser, Liquid doser, Paste doser and other special doser.
7. Simple integration of peripheral equipment.
Packing Process:
1. Pouch feeding conveyor & pickup the pouch
2. Date coding & Zipper open device (option)
3. Open the bottom of pouch, for self stand pouch
4. Pouch top opening
5. First filling position
6. Second filling position (option)
7. First sealing position
8. Second sealing position (cold seal) and Pouch feed out conveyor
Standard Equipment:
1. Bag Infeed Conveyor
2. Bag opening blade with full opening detector
3. P.I.D. temperature controller
4. Stainless Steel Construction
5. Graphical color-touch panel
6. Discharge conveyor
Optional Equipment:
1. Zipper opening and closing device
2. Second filling position
3. Safety-guards with safety-switches
4. Date coder (Ribbon or Embossing or ink-jet type)
5. Deflator

Model AP-8BT(IV) AP-8BT(IV) XL
Pouch Size Length 100-350 mm 200-500 mm
Width 110-240 mm 150-300 mm
Speed 20-45 ppm 15-35ppm
Pouch Material Laminated Film
Pouch Pattern Flat , Stand-up,  Spout ,  Zipper ,
Slider – Zipper, Gusset Pouch
Bag Gripper Adjustment Adjustable on Screen
Safety Device
  • No Pouch – No Fill – No Seal
  • Pouch open error – No fill – No seal
  • Heater disconnection alarm
  • Machine stop at abnormal air pressure
  • Machine stop when safety guard is open or electrical cabinet is open
  • Safety guard
  • Non-open pouches could be recycled.
Voltage 220V / 380V, 3 Phase , 50/60 Hz
Air Consumption 500N liter/ min , 6kg /cm2

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